One of TPT's greatest strengths is its network. We have strong relationships with people across several sectors, from government threatened species regulators to private land managers, and many organisations in-between.

TPT began as a volunteer group supported by senior botanists from the Threatened Species Section of the Department of Natural Resources Tasmania (NRE), successfully including more everyday people in the conservation of Tasmania's threatened flora.

Now, more than 10 years later, we still work closely with senior botanists from the Threatened Species Section, but we also work on our own projects, and provide volunteer support for threatened flora conservation projects with several partners.

In July each year we undertake a call to our Partners for projects and field trips. Please get in touch with the TPT President if you would like to become a partner or have a potential project that you think TPT may be interested in. 

Past and current partners include:

State Government 
  • NRE’s Threatened Species Section
  • Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (The Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre & The Tasmanian Orchid Conservation Program)
  • Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service
Local government
  • Local Councils
Non-Governmental Oraganisations (NGOs)
  • Wildcare
  • Landcare Tasmania
  • Tasmanian Land Conservancy
  • NRM Regions
  • Conservation Volunteers Australia
Others with threatened flora expertise
  • Environmental consultants
  • Public land managers
  • Private land managers