Threatened Plants Tasmania Inc. (TPT) is a volunteer group that has been actively involved in the conservation and monitoring of Tasmania's threatened plants since 2008.

Our Members:

TPT is founded in the ethos of knowledge-sharing between professionals and non-professionals alike. Many of our members have had no prior experience with Tasmanian native plants, while others may be amateur or professional botanists. A willingness to learn and share is all that's needed.

TPT members can register as volunteers to undertake field trips to survey, monitor and manage threatened plants throughout Tasmania. These field trips are coordinated by the TPT committee and TPT’s partners. No prior experience is necessary to participate in field trips. At the beginning of each field trip the leader explains the purpose of the activity and shows photos or specimens of the plants that are the focus for the day. Read our latest Survey Results (PDF) for a participant's view of the experience.

Pultanaea prostrataOur Vision:

For Tasmania's unique and threatened flora to be preserved for future generations.

Our Purpose:

To conserve, learn and share knowledge about Tasmanian threatened plants by:

  • Undertaking on ground recovery actions for priority species,
  • Conducting surveys and monitoring to improve our knowledge,
  • Sharing our love and passion of plants,
  • Collaborating with others to achieve our conservation objectives; and
  • Learning through sharing our collective knowledge.

Caladenia saggiola

Our Target Species:

TPT volunteers have worked on some of the most critically endangered species in Tasmania over many years. Many are not commonly known by the general public, but some iconic species include the Miena cider gum, Morrisby's gum, and the Sagg spider orchid. We have also undertaken targeted extension surveys for many other rare and poorly known species. 

Our Strategies & Actions:

To find out more about how we plan to achieve our vision and purpose, please read our Strategic Plan:

Download TPT Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (PDF)

TPT has gone through a transition in recent years. For a brief history of TPT, you may view presentation slides here:

Download TPT in Transition (PDF)