We warmly welcome everyone who would like to join Threatened Plants Tasmania Inc.

Becoming a member is a wonderful way to show your support for the conservation of threatened plants in Tasmania, and brings you into a statewide network of enthusiastic like-minded people. Members can register as volunteers in order to participate in field trips. Volunteers come from all kinds of backgrounds - no experience necessary. You can learn new skills by participating in activities and training, and gain the social benefits of working as part of an enthusiastic team, while caring for threatened plants in beautiful locations. Membership is $25 per year, paid by subscription.

Dowload TPT's Constitution (PDF)

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Note: This site supports one membership per email address. If you share an email address, and you both would like to be members, please join using our special Joint Membership page.

Membership FAQ

1. How much does Membership cost?

$25 per year, per person. Memberships are paid on a rolling subscription - your membership renewal date will be exactly one year after your first membership payment.

2. What do Members get access to?

In addition to field trip notifications, which are available to anyone on the general mailing list, members also receive:

  • Opportunities to volunteer on Field Trips
  • Priority access to workshops
  • Members-only newsletter emails
  • Voting rights at the AGM
3. How do I register for Field Trips?

The easiest way to register for trips is online. Create your simple online Member Account using the activation link in the payment receipt email. Once you've created a password, you'll be able to sign up to trips with the click of a button!

If you do not receive your account activation email within 5 minutes of making a membership payment, please check your junk mail, and contact us if you need help. 

4. How will my Membership fee be used?

Your membership fee will be used solely for the essential administration of Threatened Plants Tasmania Inc., including incorporation fees and other administrative costs, volunteer coordination & equipment, training and website maintenance.

5. When will the next payment be charged to my card?

Your card will be charged on the same day every year - the date you first paid the subscription. You will receive a tax invoice by email after each payment is made, but there will be no notification sent out prior to your card being charged again next year. 

You can check when your next payment is scheduled under "Manage my Payments". You can also update your credit card details here.

  1. Click "Log in" to log in to your online account
  2. The Login button turns into your name. Click your name to show the member account dropdown menu. Click "Manage my Payments".

6. How do I cancel a membership subscription or update my credit card details?

You can cancel your membership payments on the "Manage my Paymentspage.

  1. Log in to your account as above
  2. Click the arrow next to the payment you want to cancel or edit 
  3. Click 'Cancel recurring donation' (it says donation even though it is for membership
  4. Click 'Edit' to update your credit card details  
7. Can I change an Individual Membership to a Joint Membership or vice versa?

Yes. Contact the TPT President for assistance.

8. Why a subscription?

The decision to take payments in this way was not made lightly. TPT is run entirely by volunteers who have work and family commitments as well, so the need to keep the administration time commitment low is essential to keep TPT going. Through many discussions, the TPT Committee determined that using the website to take recurring payments is the best option to reduce administration time, so we can spend our time on the fun stuff instead - organising field trips and workshops!

9. Why only one level of membership for all?

The TPT Committee discussed many membership models before deciding to offer only one membership level of $25 per person. We have a small budget for the website, and only offering one level of membership keeps the annual website fees low. We will review the membership model annually.