Threatened Plants Tasmania Inc. (TPT) is a group of volunteers, actively involved in the conservation and monitoring of Tasmania's threatened plants.

Joining TPT is an excellent way to learn about Tasmania's unique flora. You can volunteer alongside experienced botanists and like-minded people from a wide range of backgrounds, and visit some amazing places in Tasmania that very few people get to see. You will also have the satisfaction of helping to save some the rarest and most threatened species in Australia.

Tasmania is home to a multitude of unique and fragile plant species.

Of the 718 species listed as under threat in Tasmania (Threatened Species Protection Act 1995), 68% are flora.

Nearly a third of these species are endemic to our island state – found nowhere else in the world. They can be charismatic and colourful; small and drab; long-lived or ephemeral; only appearing briefly after rain or fire. Some are threatened due to habitat clearance and fragmentation, others are impacted by weeds, invasive animals, or inappropriate fire regimes. Others are naturally rare, while there are also many for which we lack knowledge of their distribution. Threatened Plants Tasmania members take an active role in projects that benefit plants which are listed as ‘Threatened’ under the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 (Tasmania).

If you would like to support the conservation and recovery of these threatened plant species then please join us at TPT.


TPT is a Wildcare Tasmania group and a Landcare Tasmania group. We encourage everyone to join or support these organisations for the invaluable support they provide to volunteer groups like TPT.